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Footwear Myth

Footwear is only as good as it fits, regardless of how much they cost.

Very often we (the chiropodists) are told that there is nothing wrong with my footwear, when clearly all the evidence of foot pain complaint derives from ill fitting footwear. We very often also hear " I don't understand?  I have always bought good expensive shoes"  They maybe good shoes and very expensive but do they fit correctly ?

Here is a simple test you can carry out yourself.

Stand on an A4 size sheet of paper (stan not sat down so that all the weight is on the foot).  Get someone to draw an outline of your foot on the paper.  Now fetch those lovely expensive shoes of yours and place them on the drawn outline of the foot.  

Does the footwear cover all of the drawn outline?  If you can see the drawn outline of the foot with the footwear placed on top of it then the footwear does dot fit as it should.

This is sometimes caused by deformity in the foot preventing a good fit. Very often when you have your feet measured, this is unfortunately done while you are sitting down (no weight on the foot)  how many people do you know, that walk sitting down?

When you stand, your feet will splay and spread considerably therefore it stands to reason that if you have your feet measured whist sitting down, those shoes may pinch when you are walking.

It is not just the size of the footwear that is important, the width and depth of the footwear are also important in particular if you have a deformity or very high arch, you should consider a footwear that is  fit for the purpose.  There are many outlets available where you can buy footwear for problem feet.  Cosyfeet is one such outlet and ideal for elderly and deformity in feet.